About Ripley

Ripley Industries, Inc. is a forward-looking company with a distinguished record of service and excellence in the manufacturing industry. We manufacture tube assemblies, flanges, wire cloth and perforated metal parts, and a wide variety of metal parts and components. Ripley has the capability to perform a wide range of machining and forming processes and assemble components employing various methods of soldering, brazing, furnace brazing, and material usages. In addition, Ripley has developed a quality network of working relationships in the manufacturing industry to assist our customers in achieving expanded design goals.

Ripley is a preferred Tier I Supplier to large companies in the heavy equipment and agricultural equipment industries. Ripley produces parts for a broad-spectrum of on-highway and off-road vehicle applications around the world. To assist our customers in these highly competitive markets, Ripley provides precision engineered to order parts and strong technical and developmental support.

Ripley focuses upon flexible manufacturing capabilities, early engineering involvement, and dedicated service to support a diverse customer base with quality products. We are continually looking for opportunities to enhance and refine our production capabilities and drive this process using 6 Sigma principles throughout our organization. Ripley is committed to building and maintaining rock-solid operational procedures, quality products, and customer satisfaction.


Ripley Industries was founded in Wayne, Michigan and began operations in 1922. Ripley continued to grow there as the automotive industry emerged. In 1958, to take advantage of the developing distribution opportunities in the Memphis area, Ripley moved to Collierville, Tennessee. With business expanding, Ripley opened an additional facility in the early 1970’s, this one located in Adamsville, Tennessee. The Adamsville facility produced tube assemblies and transmission filters for the OEM automotive and automotive aftermarket industries. In the mid 1980's, the Collierville facility closed as Ripley moved to expand the Adamsville facility. Concomitantly, Ripley's business model evolved, segueing from supplying primarily automotive parts to serving a wider range of industries, including the heavy equipment, agricultural equipment, on-highway vehicle, and off-road vehicle markets.

Today, Ripley Industries stays on course, providing quality parts to our customers. From our corporate headquarters in Adamsville, Tennessee, we continue to operate the facility in Adamsville, which has undergone further expansion, and an additional facility in nearby Iuka, Mississippi. Since our inception in 1922, Ripley Industries continues to manufacture quality.

Ripley Quality Policy

“Our mission is excellence and customer satisfaction achieved through teamwork and continuous improvement.”

Ripley Industries, Inc.

Corporate Headquarters:

Adamsville, TN 38310 USA